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Instant Lawn Products

Green Kite Instant lawns supplies and installs the following lawn types in and around Johannesburg, and Gauteng.

kikuyu instant lawn

Kikuyu Instant lawn

Kikuyu is a rapidly rising energetic grass lawn that desires decent soil, sufficient compost, and immense watering. Kikuyu prefers bright positions, even though it also thrives in light shade. It can be offensive to flower beds and paved or tarred areas. It is not the best choice for water-conscious people. Always have your weed eater ready to be able to manage the excess spill to your flower beds or paved areas because it weaves its way everywhere.

LM Berea Grass lawn

LM Berea Grass lawn

This lawn relates to shady areas than Buffalo LM Berea is the endorsed choice if you need to install and raise a lawn where the sun rarely visits. It boasts an added benefit of having a reasonably comparable leaf profile and dimension to Buffalo hence it can be installed and nursed in the shadier zones were your Buffalo lawn is wearing out and the pair types will weave together with slight change in outlook except for the brighter leaf shade of the LM Berea grass.  

Evergreen turf lawn

Evergreen Turf Lawn

Evergreen turf lawn is a blend of winter and summer growing grasses meant to maintain a cover all year round. It is summed that the blend of the turf withholds harder wear and presents lesser probability of destruction due to disease and high levels of traffic flow. Only a high blend in quality and similarities is used for the mixture. It is a blend of 2/3 cool season lawn grasses and the biggest advantage is it can withsatand most diseases.


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Green Kite Instant lawn Services in Johannesburg

Includes Installation, Excavation, Soil Preperation, and more…

Soil Preparation

Clearing & Preparation of area to be turfed. Apply a Glyphosate based weed killer (round-up or other similar substance) to all areas of ground to be turfed. Greenkite lawns recommends to wait 10-14 days after substance has been sprayed before any earthworks take place. A Glyphosate based substance is available from any Bunnings store or your local nursery. Glyphosate can be applied via back pack.

Soil Excavation

Keep in mind drainage while excavation is taking place. There has to be some where for the water to go otherwise could result in water ‘sitting’ in one spot and could take longer to dry out. Excavation is needed when ground levels next to pathways, driveways, etc, are too high. These areas should be lowered 150-200mm to allow for the turf to grow and so it doesn’t result in overtaking of pathways, driveways etc. If area is too large bobcat services are available through Greenkite lawns

Soil Condition

Assessing of soil is next. It is considered poor if it is compacted or has high clay content. In this case topsoil is required and we recommend an 80% coarse and 20% sand mix to rectify this problem. Topsoil is available from your local nursery or we can organise it for you. To know how much quantity you need, give your supplier the area and depth of your job. If area is clayey apply some gypsum at a rate of approx, 1 kg per m2. Spreading of soil can be done using a metal rake, to a depth of 100-150mm. It is also a good idea to spread a starter fertiliser on top of soil prior to laying to ensure maximum root penetration.

Rotary Hoe or Cultivation

If area to be turfed has no clay or soil is not compacted topsoil is not needed. All you need to do is loosen the soil by hand or if area is too large a rotary hoe can be hired from a local hire shop to get the soil nice and fine. Rotary hoeing or hand cultivation should be worked to a depth of 100-150mm.

Laying Your New Instant Lawn

Remember, turf is a living thing! Immediately after delivery start laying your new lawn.

Begin laying your new lawn, around the outside of the area to be turfed, against pathways, garden edges, etc. Forming a border. Then continue by laying across any slopes you may have, trimming excess turf at the border along the outside, with a sharp knife or spade.

Your turf should be layed in a brick pattern for a neater finish. Butt and push ends together tightly without stretching. Avoiding leaving gaps or overlapping. On a large lawn it is best to complete a small section by rolling turf as you go.

Rolling your lawn after laying can be an advantage as it will give your turf more even contact with the soil. Rolling your new lawn will drive out any air pockets, resulting in a nice flat look. A roller can be hired from your local hire store.

Give your lawn at least 25mm of water within 30 minutes of installation. (In summer), keeping turf moist, until it is firmly rooted. Be sure your new lawn has enough moisture to survive hot dry or windy conditions. Check turf by carefully lifting areas, looking for moisture and new roots. Once turf cannot be lifted, watering can be spaced to once or twice a week (depending on weather conditions).

Avoid traffic on your new lawn for the first month to avoid a bumpy finish.

Instant Lawn Care Tips & Advice


After laying your new lawn, mowing should begin between 2-4 weeks, depending on what season you lay your lawn and what variety of lawn. If you are unsure of when to start mowing after laying, try gently lifting a roll off the ground to see if the roots have bounded with the ground, if so this would be a good time to commence mowing.


In summer, try to avoid removing any more than 1/3 of the blade length in between mowing because your lawn will tend to get ‘shocked’ and turn slightly white in appearance. In winter mowing should be kept to a minimum to reduce chance of frost burn.

Lawn Watering

Immediately after you lay your lawn watering should commence. For the first 2-3 weeks after laying we recommend watering twice a day to ensure full root penetration. After the 2-3 weeks, one good water per-week should be enough to maintain a healthy lawn (depending on season).


Always try to water your lawn early in the morning because there is less water evaporation.

Lawn Fertilizing

Greenkite lawns recommends mixing a launcher fertilizer in with your soil before laying. This will maximize root penetration resulting in your lawn to catch on quicker. Fertilizing your lawn is a must! We recommend fertilizing your lawn 3 times a year, start of summer (Dec-Jan), end of autumn (April-May), and start of spring (Sep-Nov). We don’t recommend fertilizing in winter because the turf will not feel the fertilizer (especially buffalo).


Avoid fertilizing in the morning, as dew on the leaves may cause the fertilizer to stick, resulting in chemical burn.
Immediately after fertilizing water the in thoroughly.

Pests & Lawn Diseases

Avoid fertilizing your new lawn in warmer months with dynamic lifter because there is a greater chance of getting ‘black spot’, especially in humid wet months. There are systemic fungicides available to treat black spot if it is noticed. A well-known pest around Sydney in the hot & humid months is Armyworm. If you suspect any armyworm in your lawn it’s a good idea to treat it with an insecticide from your local nursery e.g. Baythroid

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